Arab Idol 2013: All 6 Finalists Performances, Judges Comments & Voting Info, June 7 / Video

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Arab Idol 2013 June 7 Top 6 -

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‘Arab Idol’ competition continued in Friday’s performance show on June 7 with finalists Salma Rashid, Mohammad Assaf; Ahmad Jamal , Berwas Hussein, Farah Youssef and Ziad Khoury . The contestants each performed a song of their choice and two trios.

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Singer Diana Haddad debuted her new Khaliji song “Teir Elmassa”, performed a medley by Samira Tawfik with the girls and “Saken Kalbi” on her own. Saturday’s results show guest star is ‘Idol’ judge Nancy Ajram.

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‘Idol’ judge Nancy Ajram said last week it’s gonna be a tough decision for voters. Two contestants will be leave the show in tomorrow’s results episode on May 8, 2013. What’s your prediction? share i the comments section below who do you think will be voted off ?  

View below the top 6 performances along with the judges’ comments

Farah Youssef, Syria # 24 – Performed Asmahan’s ” Ya Jamal Elward”

Judges’ Comments:

  • Ragheb Alameh said ” I sincerely enjoyed your performance, it felt as if I was listening to Asmhan sing”,” you have great knowledge in music, you’re a true star,” he added.
  • Nancy Ajram  “unbelievable, how beautiful!, Syria is proud of as well as Arab Idol, keep going”
  • Hassan Elshafei ” you’re the best gift for Ragheb Alameh on his birthday today”, he said. Ragheb agreed. ” you surprise me each week with a new amazing performance”, ” I will carry your voice and performances with me forever”.
  • Ahlam:  ” you’re a shining diamond tonight”, ” I felt as if Asmahan was singing, great performance”, ” we’re proud to have chosen a voice like yours in “Arab Idol”she added.

Ziad Khoury, Lebanon  # 26 – Performed Melhem Zein’s “Mamnounak Ana”

  • Ragheb Alameh said ” you’re able to show off your voice more and  more each week”, “although I prefer your voice in songs like Wadih Elsafi’s, but great performance”.
  • Nancy Ajram said “Ah Ah Ah,great performance full of emotions”, ” you’ve proven that you can sing all singing styles”, she added.
  • Ahlam said ” Arab Idol” is the first step for you guys, and the success in your singing career is the next step”, ” Melhem Zein finished third in the singing competition, and he’s now a big star”, she added.
  • Hassan Elshafei  ” who are you?”, you were a genius tonight, you’ve the ability to control your voice, great discipline, you included high emotions in your performance”.

Ahmad Jamal, Egypt # 1 – Performed Sayed Mekawi’s ” Wehyatak Ya Habibi”

  • Ragheb Alameh  I truly didn’t want the song to end “, ” great performance”, he said.
  • Nancy Ajram told Ahmad ” you’re full of emotions, during rehearsal I said ‘Ah’ and now I say ‘Ah w nouss”, ” you deserve to be number one, she added.
  • Ahlam  said ‘ this is how I like to hear you sing”, ” you deserve to be number one”, “you sing way ahead of your age, great performance”.
  • Hassan Elshafei praised Ahmad’s performance ‘ you know how to choose your songs and how to present them on stage.”

Mohammad Assaf, Palestine # 3 – Performs Assi Helani’s “Sawt El Heda “

  • Ragheb Alameh praised his performance and called him a “Rocket”, ” you’re an honor to Palestine, Lebanon, Arab Idol and the Arab World”, “you proved you can sing all singing styles’, “Bravo,” he added.
  • Ahlam said great voice and great performance, after she asked him if he supports Madrid or Barcelona and Ahmad replied ‘Madrid”.  Ahlam said ” I’m with Barcelona but I think you look like Cristiano Ronaldo and sound like Lionel Messi,” she added.
  • Nancy Ajram said great performance, you amaze us and the audience every time you sing”, ” I would like to congratulate Palestine of its new Star”, she added.
  • Hassan Elshafei said ” we’re proud to have a singer like you on the show”

Salma Rashid , Morocco # 5 – Performed Ahlam’s “Nawilak Ala Neya”

  • Ragheb Alameh told Salma ” every time you sing I feel proud to have given you chosen you” referring to giving her a second to sing off during elimination episodes.’ great performance,” he added. 
  • Ahlam said “great performance in khaliji, it felt as if you were floating on stage”.” This is how I feel when I sing”, she added
  • Nancy Ajram ” you’re shining tonight”, ” I think because your parents are supporting you in the audience tonight”, “great performance.”
  • Hassan Elshafei told Salma ” not being in the danger zone lately proves that your singing is constantly showing improvement”, “great performance”.

Berwas Hussein, Kurdistan , Iraq # 6 - Performed ” Fairuz’ “Saalouni Elnass”

  • Ragheb Alameh said “although your song choices are hard to sing you  present great performances “.
  • Ahlam said ” I always insist that your high emotions ought to be taught in schools, but I believe you should have added some of Fairuz’ emotions to the song”. Ahlam thanked Berwas for introducing the Arabic song to Kurdistan.
  • Nancy Ajram  ” you constantly surprise us with a new singing style”. “Great performance.”
  • Hassan Elshafei  ” I truly like your voice, you have a unique voice”, ” but when you sing to Fairuz you need to add more emotions to the songs”.

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Here’s the international voting number as it appeared on screen during the show. Call 008821622774111 to vote from countries that are not listed below.

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