Updated: ‘Arab Idol 2013′ Contestant Shafiq Nebo Vs. Idol Judges / Video

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Published on March 22, 2013 with 1 Comment

Updated March 30, 2013

Following his “Arab Idol” 2013 audition (March 22) , contestant Shafiq Nebo said he posted the videos below ( March 26,2013), to tell his story and open up about his experience with the singing competition show .

Shafiq Nebo New TV’s “Lel Nasher” Interview March 30, 2013

Posted March 22, 2013

Moroccan contestant Shafiq Nebo, 33, who appeared in the third episode of ‘Arab Idol’ 2013 ( March 22), claimed during his audition that singer Sherine used to sing in his Coral .

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Nebo who received 4 No, performed two songs in Arabic and Español. The X Factor judges told him his performance was better in Español than Arabic, suggesting that he sings in Spain.

As he claims that singer Sherine used to perform at his Coral, the judges were shocked by the news, he argued trying to convince them that his allegations were true and that Sherine and others prevented him from becoming a famous singer .

Watch his audition VIDEO ABOVE for the rest of his story

Shafiq Nebo

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