“Arab Idol ” 2013 Episode 1 All Auditions The YES & The NO / Season 2, Videos

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“ Arab Idol ”  2013 , kicked off with the auditions on Friday (March 8) aired on MBC and LBC. Nineteen Idol hopefuls auditioned in the first episode of season 2, fifteen made it through to next round while Moustafa Issam, 18, Egypt, Ahmad kadour , 24, Syria and Majd Khater , 28, Lebanon didn’t pass the audition.

The auditions for this season took place in Beirut, Casablanca, Dubai, Tounis, Erbil, Aman and Egypt. Here’s a look at all  Friday’s auditions along with the judges’ comments, Hassan El Shafei, Ahlam, Nancy Ajram and Ragheb Alameh.


Khaled Khadour, 28, Lebanon

Khaled revealed that he has been out of work for the past eight months and his friends advised him to audition for Arab Idol. Ahlam and Nancy Ajram who said yes admitted that their decision has nothing to do with his situation. Ragheb Alameh said No then changed his vote after Nancy questioned his decision. Hassan Elshafei said NO. Khaled passed the audition receiving 3 yeses.

Abd El karim Hamdan, 25, Syria

The judges loved his performance. Ahlam said he’s one of a kind. Ragheb Alameh said it was a great performance. He received 4 yeses

Seif Amer, 25, Iraq

The judges clearly loved his rendition by Kazem Elsahir , but Ragheb Alameh gave him a bit of scare when he asked “what do you think you’re doing” before he praised his performance. He received 4 yeses

Farah Youssef , 23, Syria

Performed “Efrah Ya Albi” by Asmahan. The judges loved her performance. Hassan Elshafei said he enjoyed her performance and would love to hear her sing again. Ahlam said she expects to see her in the finals. She received 4 yeses.

Hannan Rida, 21, Bahrain

She performed ” Fe youm w Leila’ by Warda. The judges loved it. she received 4 yeses

Eyad Mohammad, 26, Kuwait

The judges liked his performance. He received 4 yeses.

Wael Saed, 18, Lebanon

The judges were impressed with his rendition of Wadih Elsafi . Hassan praised his command of the stage. Nancy , Ragheb Alameh and Ahlam  enjoyed his performance. He received 4 yeses.

Ziad Khoury, 24,Lebanon

He sang ” Ya Leil Elsabr”. The judges were highly impressed with his performance. He received 4 yeses.

Alaa Abou Elhassan, 20, Lebanon - Received 3 yeses

He performed mawal by Hisham Elhaj. Ragheb Alameh and Nancy liked his performance then tried to convince Hasan El Shafei who told him ” you have flat voice,definitely NO” and Ahlam who said NO then asked him to sing another song which got her to change her vote. Alaa received 3 yeses .

Sabrine Nigilli, 20, Egypt

Performed “Esal Rouhak”  by Oum kalthoum. Hasan told her I see an Arab Idol, Ahlam said definitely yes. Nancy said ” Ah w Nous” , Ragheb Alameh praised her performance . Sabrine received 4 yeses

Angie Farouk , 19, Egypt

She performed ‘Al Mahkama” by  Asma Lmnawar, Her performance wowed the judges. She received 4 yeses.

Ghada Issam, 21, Egypt

Ghada said all she ever wants to do in life is sing. The judges loved her rendition by Oum Koulthoum. She received 4 yeses

Karim Houssam Moustafa, 18, Egypt

He performed ” Ya Amar Eldar “. The judges praised his performance. He received 4 yeses

Radwa Elsayed, 19, Egypt

Radwa who said she couldn’t believe she was facing the four judges, was nervous and shaking through her entire performance of “Shouf Shouf Shouf’ by Majida Elroumi . Hasan El Shafei said she made him nervous, but all four judges liked her performance. She received 4 yeses.

Hajer Hamdi, 18, Egypt

Cute Audition, Hajer was practicly begging the judges to put her through. Ragheb Alameh and Nancy liked her performance. Hasan El Shafei and Ahlam weren’t convinced they thought she has to work on her vocals. Alameh asked her to perform a song by Feiruz which got Ahlam to change her vote. She received 3 yeses

Ahmad Jamal, 24, Egypt

He played the Oud with his performance of “Ashki Lemin Elhawa” by Muhamad Abdel Wahab,The judges loved it. He received 4 yeses.

The No

Ahmad kadour , 24, Syria

Ahmad is a women hairdresser. He performed two songs, but the judges didn’t think his performance was good enough to put him through.  He received 3 NO, but Nancy Ajram said YES for some reason.

Moustafa Issam, 18, Egypt

Moustafa performed “Khatarna Ala Balak” by Tony Hanna , in which he wowed the judges with his Lebanese accent. They said he had a good voice but he’s not ready for the competition and that it would be unfair to him to put him through. He received 4 No

Majd Khater , 28, Lebanon

Ragheb Alameh and Nancy liked his performance, but Hassan El Shafei and Ahlam didn’t. He received 2 YES and 2 NO




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