Arab Idol 2013 Final: Top 3 Finalists Performances & Voting Info, June 21 / Video


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Arab Idol 2013 Final June 21

Published on June 21, 2013 with 2 Comments

‘ Arab Idol ‘ 2013 finalists Ahmad Jamal, Farah Youssef and Mohammad Assaf performed three songs each, including a song of their choice, Khaliji song and a song dedicated to their own countries, in Friday’s final performances show for this season, on June 21.

Palestinian Mohammad Assaf Crowned ‘Arab Idol’ 2013 Winner / Video

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The 3 finalists wowed judges and received standing ovations for their performances. Farah Youssef’s  ”Kdoud Halabieh” performance,dedicated to Syria, lead her mother to tears.
Nancy Ajram also teared during Ahmad Jamal’s performance of Hussein ElJasmi’s ” Fakadtek”.
Ahmad Jamal performed Abd Elhalim medley for Egypt including  ”Ahlef be Samaha W Be Trabha”  ”Soura” and “Belahdan”, which lead his parents to tears,
Mohammad Assaf performed fans long awaited Palestinian song ” 3ali El kofia ” which brought judges and audience on their feet .

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Here’s a look at the top 3 finalists performances and voting information 

Ahmad Jamal, Egypt – Voting # 1

1. Ahmad Jamal Performs Abd Elhalim’s medley  ” Ahlef be Samaha W Be Trabha ” , “Soura” and “Belahdan” dedicated to Egypt

2. Ahmad Jamal performs Saber Rubai’s ” 3ala Nar “

  • Ahlam told Ahmad ” this was your best performance, I almost forgot to breath while listening to you.” This song showed off your vocals,” she added.
  • Ragheb Alameh told him ” you performed this song with high emotions.” ” Great performance,” he added.
  • Nancy Ajram said ” I wish I could see your Egyptian fans reaction while watching your performance.” ” I hope your performances brings them joy and eases the difficult times they’re experiencing in Egypt.”
  • Hassan Elshafei told Ahmad ‘ you kind of force people to keep quiet and listen to you when you sing,” you’re truly a big star.”

3. Ahmad Jamal Performs khaliji, Hussein El Jasmi’s ” Fakadtek  ”

Judges’ Comments

  • Ahlam said “you brought the tarab back to Egypt “, “great performance”, ” I’m proud of you” , she added
  • Ragheb Alameh told Ahmad “Amazing performance, you’re the new Abd Elhalim “
  • Nancy Ajram said ” I’m glad you reached the finals”, ” you’re amazing”
  • Hassan Elshafei said ” You should use incense to protect yourself”, “Great Performance”

Farah Youssef, Syria – Voting # 24

1. Farah Youssef Performs ” Kedud Halabieh ” Dedicated to Syria

Judges’ Comments

  • Ahlam told Farah ” whenever I give you serious comments your fans blast me on twitter, but I only say what I say for your own good.” Ahlam who prefers Farah performances in different singing style told her ” I honestly didn’t like this performance.”
  • Ragheb Alameh liked her performance he said ” beautiful, we enjoyed your performance, you always surprise us.” ” This is a difficult singing style, usually sang by men, but you performed it well,” he added.
  • Nancy Ajram told Farah ” you’re the Jasmine of Damascus.” ” I’m eager to hear your own songs after Arab Idol, I’m certain you’ll choose the right songs,” she added
  • Hassan Elshafei praised her looks and  voice ” I understand the first part of the song is difficult.” ” but we always enjoy your voice and performances,” he added.

2. Farah Youssef Performs Khaliji, ” Galo Tara” By Abadi Al Johar

Judges’ Comments

  • Ahlam who said she liked Farah’s Khaliji song more than kdoud told her ” This is how you should sing”, great performance”
  • Ragheb Alameh ”great performance”. “you can sing all singing styles,” he added
  • Nancy Ajram praised Farah’s performance & looks, and told the 3 finalists ” you’re not contestants tonight, you’re the guest stars of tonight’s show”
  • Hassan Elshafei praised Farah’s performance and complemented her looks

3. Farah Youssef Performs Joseph Azar’ ” Bektoub Ismik Ya Bladi “

Mohammad Assaf, Palestine – Voting # 3

1. Mohammad Assaf Performs “3ali El Kofia ” dedicated to Palestine

Mohammad Assaf Performs Khaliji,  ” Lana Ellah ” By Mohammad Abdo

Judges’ Comments

  • Ahlam told Assaf great performance, god bless Palestine
  • Ragheb Alameh saluted Assaf’s mother and said she reminds him of his own mother when he was his age at the beginning of his singing career.” “Great performance,” he added.
  • Nancy Ajram told him ” Arab Idol is a test and you have graduated with honor”
  • Hassan Elshafei praised his performance, confidence and presence on stage ” the Arab World is proud of you’” he added.

Mohammad Assaf Performs Wadih El Safi’s ” ya 3eny 3ala el sabr “

Judges’ Comments:

  • Ahlam said ” I’m truly glad that you’re with us in Arab Idol”, ” I’m proud of you”, “great” performance.”
  • Ragheb Alameh said ” people should know that despite your sickness you presented an amazing performance.” ” Not only Palestine is proud of you”, ” The world is either war or Arab Idol”, ” despite the injustice in Palestine it sends love and peace rockets.”
  • Nancy Ajram told Ahmad ” you’re definitely a true star
  • Hassan Elshafei ” You should use incense to protect yourself”, he joked. “You have proved that you’ll be remembered for another 500 years not just by the next generation, great performance,” he added.

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Call this number if your country’s code is not listed below: International Voting Number 008821622774111 

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  1. Muhd assaf deserved to win no matter what. I am from Nigeria from beginning to the end. It’s assaf that engrossed me into loving arab idol. He is too intelligent follow by Ahmad jamal

  2. Wow abubakar usman ur true but i really ove perwas performance me2 i am 4room Nigeria

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