Arab Idol 2013 Live Shows: All Top 12 Performances, May 3 / All Videos

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The singing competition continued in Friday’s installment of Arab Idol 2013 (May 3). The top 12 contestants presented their best performances hoping to survive this week’s elimination. Singer Mohammad Mounir was the guest mentor this week. Amal Maher performed two songs and a duet alongside Arab Idol host Ahmad Fahmi “Helwa Ya Baladi” by Dalida. (Video above) .

Host Ahmad Fahmi announced that two contestants will be eliminated in Saturday’s results show (May 4).Check out the top 12 contestants’ performances below along with the judges’ comments.

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Sabrine Nigili, Egypt – Voting # 4 – Performed “Koul Elli Lamouni ” By Zekra
Ahlam said wrong song choice, this wasn’t your best performance and told Sabrine that she’s going to be her mentor and chose her song for next week’s performance

Mohammad Assaf , Palestine, Voting # 3 – Sang “Ya Rayt Fiyyi khabiha” By Ragheb Alameh
All 4 judges praised his performance. Ragheb Alameh was impressed and loved his performance, he granted Mohammad the right to cover and release his single ‘Ya Rayt Fiyyi khabiha” .

Ziad Khoury , Lebanon – Voting # 26 – sang ” Yalli Bjamalek “ By Saber Rebai

Ragheb alameh praised his high emotions, song choice and his presence on stage. Nancy Ajram said ” this was your best performance” and also praised his high emotions. Ahlam said ” you are a true star”.

Yousra Saouf, Morocco, sang “Elly Kan”– Voting # 10

Abd Elkarim Hamdan, Syria, sang ” 3ala Remsh 3younha” By Wadih El Safi – Voting # 25
The judges praised his performance, but asked him to pay more attention to the song choices. They said they liked his song choices before the live shows.

Berwas Hussein, Kurdestan, Iraq – Sang ”3ala 3eini” By Warda – Voting # 6
The judges liked her performance

Ahmad Jamal, Egypt, sang ” Emta Elzaman” – Voting # 1

Fares Elmadani, Saudi Arabia, Sang ” Ma 3ad Badri ” By Mohammad Abdo – Voting # 16

Fares received standing ovation from Ahlam. Nancy Ajram praised his improvement and perseverance. Ragheb Alameh and Hassan Elshafei said ” this was your best performance on the show”

Farah Youssef, Syria, Sang ” Habena” By Mayada Elhenawi – Voting # 24
The judges praised her performance. Ragheb Alameh said “ you have proved to be the future hope for Syria and the Arab world as a singer”. Hassan Shafei told her “ you’ll be the future idol for many people”. Nancy ajram said “ you’re a true star”. Ahlam said “ great performance”.

Hanan Rida, Bahrain ” Sang ” Ana Rabi Balani Balwa” By Ahlam – Voting # 23

Salma Rashid , Morocco, sang ” 3al Elbal” By Samira Saed – Voting # 5
The judges praised her performance and presence on stage. Ahlam said I’m sure that Samira Saed is also happy with your performance.

Mohannad Elmarsoumi , Iraq, Sang ” Lo7 w La7 ” – Voting # 9
All judges liked his performance. Ahlam said “if people who drink from Tigris River have such beautiful voices I’m going to Iraq to drink from that river “praising his performance.



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