Arab Idol 2013 Live Shows: Top 13 Performances + “Helmena Wa2ef Mestanina” Music Video, April 26 / All Videos

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Arab Idol 2013 kicked off the first live show on Friday April 26, 2013 with the top 13 contestants ” Helmena Wa2ef Mestanina” Music video (view above).

The contestants performed their own song choices. Here’s a look at their performances along with the judges’ comments.

Ziad Khoury, Lebanon – sang ” Diego Elmahabij ” By Wadih El Safi – Voting # 26

Ahlam and Ragheb Alameh praised his performance. Hassan El Shafei said Ziad made him nervous because he was tense. Nancy told him this wasn’t his best performance.

Yousra Saouf, Morocco, sang “Elamaken” By Mohammad Abo – Voting # 10

Hassan Elhafei , who saved Yousra in the final elimination episode,  praised Yousra’s voice and performance. Ahlam told her ‘ I”m glad you got a second chance , you deserve it”. Nancy Ajram and Ragheb Alameh praised her performance.

Abd Elkarim Hamdan, Syria, sang ” Salem Aleha Ya Hawa” By Melhem Barakat – Voting # 25

Hassan said great song choice. Nancy Ajram loved his performance. Ahlam told him he should consider adding more variety in his song selections.

Berwas Hussein, Kurdestan, Iraq – Sang ” Magadir” By Warda – Voting # 6

Nancy Ajram was impressed with her performance, she said it was a hard choice that she performed well but it laked some emotions, while Ahlam said ” amazing performance, full of emotions”, and asked her if she could give her a kiss. Hassan Elshafei said “I have seen you perform better,” ‘ but you are magical,” he added

Sabrine Nigili, Egypt , sang ” Kahil El3ein ” – Voting # 4

The 4 judges agreed that Sabrine chose a hard song and that it was the wrong song choice for her. They told her she has a great singing voice, but she should pay more attention to how she chooses her songs

Ahmad Jamal, Egypt, sang ” Youness” By Mohammad Mounir – Voting # 1

Hassan ElShafei told Ahmad  ” you chose a hard song but you performed it well”, ” you’re a true star”, he added. Nancy agreed with Hassan and added, ” you’re my style as a singer, I like your voice and the way you perform your songs”. Ahlam said, “This was your best performances in the show.

Fares Elmadani, Saudi Arabia, Sang ” Yeban Elshoq ” By Oubadi Eljawhar

Fares who was saved by Ahlam in the final audition, was praised by all four Idol  judges for his performance. They said ” you showed off your singing vocals, great performance, but stay away from those high notes”.

Wael Saed , Lebanon , Sang ” Ma 3ad Badi Yak ” By Melhem Zein – Voting # 19

All 4 judges agreed that it was the wrong song choice for him. Nancy Ajram said this wasn’t your best performance “you put your emotions aside”, ” I am upset at you today “, ” you have to perform better next time,” she added.

Farah Youssef, Syria, Sang ” 7elem” By Oum Koulthoum – Voting # 24

Farah wowed the 4 judges with her performance . Ragheb Alameh praised her mixture of Oum Koulthoum’s song and Asmahan’s voice, referring to her voice similarity to Asmahan’s. ’100 Bravo wouldn’t be enough”, he added.

Hassam ElShafei said you remind us of why we love music”,  ” You have an amazing talent,” he added.

Nancy Ajram told Farah ” this was your best performance”

Hanan Rida, Bahrain ” Sang ” Wehyati 3endak” By Zekra – Voting # 23

Salma Rashid , Morocco, sang ” Lazra3lek Bestan Wroud” – Voting # 5

Mohannad Elmarsoumi , Iraq, Sang ” Beyn Edia” By Majed Elmouhandess – Voting # 9

Mohammad Assaf , Palestine, Sang ” 3ala Hesb Wdadi” By Abd Elhalim – Voting # 3



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