Arab Idol 2013 Top 10: All Performances + Judges Comments, May 10 / Videos

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Arab Idol 2013 May 10

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“Arab Idol” host Ahmad Fehmi announced in Saturday’s results show (May 11) that voting is open for the whole week until next week’s results show May 18th. View your country’s code and the contestants’ voting numbers below.

The top 10 contestants gave their best performances in Friday’s show on May 10, hoping to survive this week’s elimination. Rami Ayash was the guest star this week.

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Check out the top 10 contestants’ performances below along with the judges’ comments. Share your own in the comments section below. ( The comments section supports all languages)

Mohannad Elmarsoumi – Iraq # 9 – Performs “Eni khayartoki’ By kathem El Saher

The judges praised his performance but said it lacked emotions.

  • Nancy praised his performance “you’re gonna be a star in the Arab world, but you should be more confident on stage”, ” your performance lacked emotions”, she added.
  • Ahlam liked his last week’s performance better, she  said his performance lacked emotions.
  • Hassan El Shafei praised his performance but asked him to determine his singing style.
  • Ragheb Alameh told him ” you should overcome stage fright” and asked him to stay away from Kazem El Saher singing style and create your own” there’s only one star called Kazem El Saher “

Abd Elkarim Hamdan – Syria – # 25 , Performs ” Ya Mal Elsham”

  • Ragheb Alameh and Nancy Ajram praised his performance and thanked him for considering their last week’s advise and performing his singing style that shows off his voice range
  • Ahlam said we all enjoyed your voice today this is your singing style”.
  • Hassan El Shafei said great performance and suggested that he determines his singing style with the ability to cover variety of styles.

Yousra Saouf – Morocco – # 10 , Performs “En Rah Menek Ya Ain”

  • Hassan Elshafei praised her performance and persistence.
  • Nancy Ajram said ” I felt like joining you on stage ‘, ” good performance” she added.
  • Ragheb Alameh said ” you have created your own singing style” “great performance”, he added.

Farah Youssef, Syria – # 24 – Performs Najwa karam’s “Lashhad Hobbak”

  • Nancy Ajram said ” you’re gonna be a big star”.
  • Ragheb Alameh said “this song showed off your voice range” ” it turns out you can sing anything”, he added ” great performance, Bravo Bravo”.
  •  Ahlam praised her performance ” You’re a true star”
  •  Hassan ElShafei told her ” you can sing anything, great performance”.

Mohammad Assaf – Palestine – # 3 , Performs ” Gatalouni Ouyouna El Soud” By Wadih Elsafi 

  • Ragheb Alameh “ you have a beautiful voice, your performances are full of emotions”" You have the Arab Idol” he added.
  • Nancy Ajram  ” you can sing all styles and you have the ability to make your songs come alive.”
  • Ahlam told him” all Arab countries are voting for you not just Palestine, You’re a true star.”
  • Hassan Elshafei ” nothing can stand in your way now, you will overcome all obstacles”, ” You’re the “Arab Idol” hero,” he added.

Fares ElMadani – Saudi Arabia – #16 – Performs “Melyon khater” By Abd Elmajid Abdallah

Contestant Fares Elmadani, who was hospitalized for a severe stomach pain last week, insisted on not missing his performance and rescheduled his surgery for Monday May 13.

Despite his illness, all four judges praised his performance. They said great performance, good presence on stage, and high emotions, wishing him fast recovery.

Ahlam couldn’t hold back her tears. She wished him best of luck and fast recovery then asked viewers to vote for Fares.

Salma Rashid – Morocco – # 5 – Performs ” Lel Sabr Hdoud” By Oum kalthoum

The judges praised her performance and said ” you’re a true star tonight’ .

Berwas Hussein – Kurdestan , Iraq, # 6  - Performs ” Shlounak 3eini Shlonak” By salah Abd Elgafour”

  • Ahlam praised her high emotions and said they “should be taught in schools”.
  • Ragheb Alameh told her “you’ve united Kurd and Arabic music” .
  • Hassan Elshafei complemented her perseverance and effort to memorize Arabic songs.

Ahmad Jamal, Egypt , # 1, Performs “Meshet Khalas’ By Wael Jassar

The judges praised his performance. Hassan El Shafei said ” I am proud of you”

Ziad Khoury , Lebanon , # – Performs “Ya Teir” By Assi Helani

  • Ahlam praised his Iraqi rendition ” great voice”.
  • Hassan ElShafei “ you proved tonight that you’re a true star’.
  • Ragheb Alameh said he’s loving him more and more with each performance,” you’re a true star”.
  • Nancy Ajram told him ” you’ve got courage to choose such a hard song” ” great performance, Bravo,” she added.

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