Arab Idol 2013 Top 8: All Performances, Judges Comments & Voting Info, May 24 / Video

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Arab Idol 2013 May 24

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” Arab Idol ” top 8 contestants continued the competition in Friday’s performance show on May 24, hoping to survive this week’s elimination.

Check out their performances below along with the judges comments.

Salma Rashid, Morocco # 5 – Performed “Ana Ba3shaak” by Mayada Elhenawi

  • Ragheb Alameh praised her performance and song choice
  • Ahlam said “you’re a true star” ” your Moroccan fans ought to salut you because you deserve it”, she added
  • Hassan Elshafei told her ” you have a beautiful voice”, great performance”
  • Nancy Ajram praised her performance

Mohannad Elmarsoumi, Iraq # 9 – Performed “Gouli ya helou” by Nazem El Ghazali

  • Ragheb Alameh said ” you have beautiful Iraqi voice
  • Nancy Ajram loved his performance and song choice
  • Ahlam ” great performance
  • Hassan Elshafei liked his song choice and presence on stage ” you can sing all singing styles” he said. “great performance, but I believe you’ve got  the ability to perform better, he added.”

Berwas Hussein Kurdestan , Iraq # 6 – performed Oum Koulthoum’s ” Ba3id 3anak”

  • Ragheb Alameh and Nancy Ajram expressed their love to Berwas  and praised her courage to perform an Oum Koulthoum song.
  • Ahlam said “great performance”, “singing to Oum Koulthoum proves yo’re a true star,” he added
  • Hassan Elshafei said he was surprised when he learned Berwas was gonna sing Oum Koulthoum, but you performed it with high emotions, great performance,” he said.

Abd Elkarim Hamdan, Syria # 25 – Performed ” 3altayer” By Saber Rubai

  • Ragheb Alameh praised his performance, ” you’re a true star” , he said
  • Nancy Ajram great performance , you proved that you can perform all singing styles.
  • Ahlam said great performance and high emotions
  • Hassan Elshafei said ‘we’re glad you took our previous advise seriously”, ” you proved you could sing all singing styles”,” next time you’ll be siting with the judges panel”, he joked..

Ziad Khoury, Lebanon # 26 – Performed “Wala Mara” By Melhem Barakat

 Nancy Ajram said “I’m proud of you” , “you chose a difficult song and performed it beautifully,” she added

Raqheb Alameh, Hassan Elshafei and Nancy Ajram  loved his performance.

Mohammad Assaf, Palestine # 3 – Performed “3enabi”

  • Ahlam said “great performance ” , ” you’re true star”
  • Ragheb Alameh said “great Performance, we’re proud to have you on the show”, you’re an “Arab Idol”, he added
  • Nancy Ajram ” you’re a true star “

Farah Youssef, Syria # 24 Performed “Ehssas Jdid” by Nancy Ajram

  • Nancy Ajram loved Farah’s rendition of her song ” I like this song even more now” and got off her seat and gave the contestant a hug.
  • Ragheb Alameh said great performance with high emotions
  • Ahlam  loved her own rendition of the song ” you’re a true star” she added
  • Hassan Elshafei said ” You’re always in the lead” ” great performance.

Ahmad Jamal, Egypt # 1 – Performed “Sawah”

  • Hassan Elshafei told him ” you ‘re a true star”, ” it’s an honor to have you on the show” , he added
  • Ahlam said ” great performance”, “your voice is one of a kind,” she added
  • Nancy Ajram  told him ” I am a big fan” , ” every week i look forward to what you’re gonna sing on the show” , ” you have a beautiful voice, and you sing with high emotions”, she added.

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