Arabs Got Talent 2013: All Final Round Auditions, The Yes & The No, Ep 6 / Videos

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The last episode of Arabs Got Talent 2013 auditions round, aired on October 19th featured a variety of talents including dancing, singing, Guitar, Beat Box, comedy and other unusual talents. 11 talents impressed judges and advanced to the semi-finals, while 6 were sent home. Watch Full Episode Part 1 above & part 2 & all performances below.

الجزء الثانى من الحلقة السادسة من برنامج… by dm_5011a1272fe83

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Here’s a look at Episode 6 talents who advanced to the next round

Saed Shdid From Egypt Opens Up About His Love To Najwa Karam During His Audition.


Saed Shdid Audition Ep 6 AGT 2013

Saed who said he has been in love with AGT judge/singer Najwa Karam since 1992 opened up about his feelings to Karam during his audition. He said in 1992 he used to constantly visit the music stores to listen to the Lebanese singer’s songs because he couldn’t afford to buy her album. In 1997 he worked for 2  days and used his money to buy one of her albums. He also revealed ” the love I carry for you is not based on you being a woman, but because you’re an angel.” When Saed said that he doesn’t come from a wealthy family, Karam replied ” I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth either”.

Saed added, ” If the whole world loves you, it will not measure to 1% of my love to you, to a point where I’m willing to sacrifice my life for you.” ” I carry your picture with me at all time,” he added. The Egyptian contestant also revealed that he created a talent in order to participate in Arabs Got Talent to see Najwa Karam, who in turn got up to the stage and thanked him.

Mohammad Bayoumi, 19 , Egypt – Popping Dance

Cherifian Troupe – Morocco – Dance

Mahmoud X – Egypt – Beat Box

Bled’art Group  - Algeria – Dance - 4 yes

  • Nasser ElQassabi said ” Great Performance full of energy.”
  • Ahmad Helmi said that Hannan was the best performer in the group
  • Ali Jaber agreed and added ” I liked the show, it’s full of energy.”
  • Najwa Karam said ” Hannan has an amazing energy on stage.” ” Great performance,” she added.

Abd Elmajid Abdallah, 16, Yaman – Singing

  • Najwa Karam loved his performance and asked him to sing a song by Saudi singer Abd Elmajid Abdallah
  • Ali Jaber said ” great performance with high emotions, you deserve your father’s and everyone’s support.”
  • Nasser El Qassabi added ” you have a beautiful voice and high emotions.”
  • Ahmad Helmi said ” you have great confidence and high emotions, great performance.”

Sheyaab Group – Kuwait – Comedy Performance

Sheyaab Group Audition - Arabs Got Talent 2013

Sheyaab group members who introduced themselves as half Latino half Kuwaiti with Latino names Romeo, Merchiego and Alejandro impressed all four judges with their unusual comedy talent and received 4 YES.

CLICK HERE To WATCH Sheyaab Group Audition + Judges’ Comments

Judges’ Comments

  • Nasser ElQassabi said ” Amazing new idea, you are amazing and talented.”
  • Ali Jaber added ” smart new idea, reflects the Khaleej society, you have bright future.”
  • Najwa Karam said she loved their performance and wished it never ended
  • Ahmad Helmi said ” I don’t think you’re an elderly group you’re definitely young, I’m eager to see your actual looks.” ” You’re very talented,” he added.

D- sharp Band – Lebanon – Guitar

CLICK HERE  To WATCH D – sharp Band, Johnny Awad, Mohammad Ahmad and Hader Polila’s auditions

Johnny Awad – Lebanon – Singing

Johnny Awad

Mohammad Ahmad – Soudan – Break dance

Hader Polila – Tunis – Hip Hop

Hader Polila


The talents who were sent home are:

  • Ramza Amin - Egypt
  • Rayed Mahmoud – Saudi Arabia
  • Ahmad & Salman Elnighlawi – Emirates
  • Kevin Armayos – Egypt
  • Souheila Ajradouh – Morocco
  • Karim Abd Elghani – Egypt




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