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Hi. I'm Carl Azuz.
We're starting today with a tale of two threats.
One was in America's second largest school district, in Los Angeles, California.
After getting what a school official called an electronic threat, the superintendent of the L.A.Unified School District cancelled all classes yesterday.
It impacted more than 640,000 students in more than 900 schools.
A similar threat was made yesterday in the nation's largest school district in New York City.
Officials there called that threat a hoax and kept school in session for more than a million students.
No one was hurt in either system as a result of the threats.
Some people criticized the L.A. Superintendent for overreacting, while others said he did the right thing.
The district gets threats all the time, but while officials in New York called their threat generic and outlandish, those in L.A. called theirs rare.
And after the December 2nd terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, which is 60 miles away from Los Angeles, L.A. officials said they were taking no chances.
Based on past circumstances, I could not take the chance, as it relates to one student or our staff that served our students.
Americans convicted of making bomb threats to schools can get prison sentences as long as 10 years.
Most states allow minors to be tried as adults and other penalties can include school suspension.
Our series looking back on some of the top stories of 2015 continues right now.
Today's focus, as promised, U.S. politics.
There's a presidential election next year, you might have heard something about it.
There will be one nominee from each major party on the ballot.
Currently, for the Democrats, three people are seeking the party nomination.
Three have withdrawn from the race.
For the Republicans, 14 people are seeking the party nomination.
Three have withdrawn from that race.
Now, for a sense of why the campaign season has been so closely watched, here's Mary Moloney.
The 2016 presidential election campaign kicked into high gear.
The crowd at GOP fields started out with a whopping 17 candidates.
And one name has dominated the political dialogue since.
Donald Trump.Donald Trump.If you look at Donald Trump.
The billionaire's bombastic style grabbed daily headlines.
I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me.
Excuse me. Sit down. You weren't called. Sit down. Sit down.
I don't care about Megyn Kelly, but no, I would not apologize.
She should probably apologize to me. But I just don't care.
While he maintained, front runner status.
The Democratic field is much smaller, with political powerhouse Hillary Clinton fighting off Junior Senator Bernie Sanders and his huge campaign crowds.
Hillary Clinton's campaign trail took a dramatic turn to Capitol Hill in October.
I've lost more sleep than all of you put together.
The Democratic frontrunner testified in front of a House committee investigating the Benghazi tragedy.
The Clinton campaign calls it a political witch hunt.
Republicans insist it's not about Clinton but about getting answers.
Now, an unexpected departure give rise to new leadership in Washington.
I decided, you know, today's the day I'm going to do this, as simple as that.
Then, House Speaker John Boehner said the turmoil in Congress led him to decide it was time to go.
After a chaotic scramble, Republican Congressman Paul Ryan was elected the 54th speaker.
It is my privilege to hand this gavel to the speaker of the House, Congressman and Honorable Paul Ryan.
Thank you.
Ryan takes the helm with the process to end fractious party bickering that is stalling the work of Congress.
On today's "Roll Call", we're traveling Down Under.
All of these requests came in to CNNStudentNews.com.
First up, from Los Alamos, New Mexico, please welcome the Hawks.
They're soaring over Los Alamos Middle School.
Next to Orem, Utah.
When you're near Mountain View High School, you've got to watch out for the Bruins.
In Sydney, isn't Australia's capital but it is its largest city and it's home to Lycee Condorcet-The International French School of Sydney.
Thank you for watching.
Now, we're stepping inside the world of virtual reality.
Virtual because what you see inside a headset is not exactly what you'd see in person.
But as VR becomes more mainstream, there are concerns that hackers or criminals could take advantage, that without defined laws, people in general would behave differently in virtual world, that folks could get addicted to them and miss out in real life.
But Brian Stelter believes the technology's worth a look.
It could be the biggest leap in capturing our world since the photograph.
This is virtual reality.
Now, when you hear VR, you might imagine people are wearing headsets, turning their heads and waving their arms.
You might think it's a joke.
But when you actually see it, when you try it, you stop laughing.
All around the world, engineers are fine-tuning technology that immerses you in the 3D, 360-degree experience.



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senator ['senətə]


n. 参议员

threat [θret]


n. 威胁,凶兆
vt. 威胁, 恐吓

district ['distrikt]


n. 区,地区,行政区
vt. 把 ... 划

bombastic [bɔm'bæstik]


adj. 夸大的

gavel ['gævl]


n. (法官所用的)槌,小木槌 n. (中世纪英国的)贡

pressure ['preʃə]


n. 压力,压强,压迫
v. 施压

suspension [səs'penʃən]


n. 悬挂,悬浮液,暂缓,未决,中止

defined [di'faind]


adj. 有定义的,确定的;清晰的,轮廓分明的 v. 使

unexpected ['ʌnik'spektid]


adj. 想不到的,意外的

runner ['rʌnə]


n. 赛跑的人,跑步者





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