Windows 8 Tablet Play Farmville 2 – Angry Birds Games/Surface RT

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Published on December 17, 2012 with 2 Comments

Updated: February 18,2013

Surface RT users have reported that they are unable to play Facebook games on Surface RT. Here are few links that might give some answers:

  • ( Reply to unable to play Facebook games on Surface RT) 
  • Microsoft delivers fixes for Windows 8, Windows RT
  • The Surface RT runs a limited version of Windows 8 called Windows RT. It shares the same ebb and flow as Windows 8, which is a radical take on the classic operating system. The operating system was clearly built for the mobile era and it shows promise. But right now, at launch, Windows RT needs work. Most of the apps are limited in features and the touch version of Internet Explorer is slow and clunky. Pages load very slowly and the bezel gesture to switch between tabs is unreliable and buggy. And worse yet, due to Windows RT’s lack of apps like Facebook or Twitter, you’re forced to use Internet Explorer for nearly everything. Don’t expect to load your favorite Windows applications on the Surface RT. It’s just not possible. Think of this as Windows 8 Lite, a cross between a desktop and a mobile OS, Reported Matt Burns’ Tech Crunch .com Read more:

FarmVille and Angry Birds players have been asking whether they can play these games on Microsoft surface windows 8.

We have located couple of videos that might answer some of your questions. View video above featured by Abraham Saenz and the tutorial video below.

Here’s another tutorial video for windows RT on Surface.

Windows 8 Pro Tablets have the same operating system as a regular PC,hence all games played on the PC should be compatible with all windows 8 Pro tablets. Surface is Microsoft’s first tablet, and it’s designed around Windows 8. Surface comes in two distinct versions, one model running Windows RT and one running Windows 8 Pro. The Windows RT model has an ARM processor, and though it still has the classic desktop, it loses the ability to run legacy apps. Microsoft is heavily featuring their Touch Cover for Surface, a thin screen cover that doubles as full keyboard. Surface can also accept stylus input. Surface for windows RT Surface for windows 8 pro


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  1. Hi jtmagz!

    I’m just wandering, what tablet are you using playing Farmville 2 there?
    I’m currently using surface RT and I can’t play all Facebook games. I’ve been desperate to play Facebook games in my surface RT.


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