How To Audition For X Factor USA 2013 – Audition Online Now Open

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X Factor USA 2013 Auditions

Published on December 22, 2012 with 5 Comments

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  1. I can’t wait! I’m 14, and I’m going to audition in LA.
    I’m SO nervous, but confident!
    I can’t wait to see Simon!
    He’s my favorite. He might be strict but that’s only
    because he’s looking for talent!
    Hope to see you there:D ! Xx

  2. When are the auditions in front of the judges?

  3. i can’t wait!!
    i’m going to sing in front a lot of people
    i’m going to do what i love <3 :D

  4. I am asking to have you check out my son Terry Geil. You can just put his name in your Browser and find him and his music. He can sing and play anything kind of music.
    Terry was born with one leg, but that never stopped him from doing anything he wanted to do. He started playing the piano at the age of 3. Not with 2 fingers, but cords. He was playing in Bars at the age of 5 with a band, called (The Wings of Freedom).. He just has an ear for music. He has played music all his life and is very talented. He can paly country, blues, pop, grunge, heavy metal, I don’t think there is any music out there that he can’t sing and play. He plays almost any instrument out there. I feel he just hasn’t had the opportunity to get recognizes. If this letter gets to the right people, I think you would benefit from His music. Thanks for you time in reading this.
    His Mom

  5. I’m 14 years old and I’m a Indian and I have my own girl band ( criminal girls) and we want to give auditions for X-factor USA as we the talent for x-factor and we want to show our talent there in front of many peoples and want to proof our parents that we can do big things also but there is no way for giving auditions to x-factor USA because we are in India ( Delhi ). We request x -factor USA to come in Delhi for auditions. Definetly they will get awesome talents .please X-factor USA come for audition in Delhi.

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