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Published on February 16, 2014 with 29 Comments

Updated March 29, 2014

> Video/ The Voice MBC S2 Winner Satar Saad Of Team Kathem Elsaher

Finalists Iraqi Satar Saad, Iraqi Symore Jalal, Syrian Hala Elkeysar and Egyptian Wahem are set to compete for the title in The Voice Ahla Sawt season 2 Finale, set to air on Saturday, March 29, 2014 on LBCi at 8.30, MBC at 9pm KSA, MBC Egypt at 8pm CLT. SEE BELOW the finalists voting numbers and all countries codes

> Video/ The Voice MBC S2 Ep 9: “Live Show 1″ Results & All Songs
> Video/ The Voice MBC S2 Ep 10: “Live Show 2″ Results & All Songs
> Video/ The Voice MBC S2 Ep 11: “Live Show 3″ Results & All Songs
Video/ The Voice MBC S2 Ep 12: “Live Show 4″ Results & All Songs
> Video/ The Voice MBC S2 Semi-Final: Results & All Songs, Ep 13

HOW TO VOTE For Your Favorite Candidate:

  • Send the candidate voting number by SMS to your country’s number listed below.

Kathem El Saher‘s TEAM Finalist

Kathem El Saher -

Satar Saad

Watch Below: Satar Saad Semi-Final Performance ” Ya Omi”

Sherine Abd Elwahab TEAM Finalist

Sherine Abd El Wahab --


Watch Below: Wahem Semi-Final Performance “Sit Elhabayeb” by Fayza Ahmad

Saber Rebai‘s TEAM Finalist

Saber Rubai

Symore Jalal

Watch Below: Symore Jala Semi-Final Performance “Ebatli Jawab” by Sabah Fakhri

Assi El Helani‘s TEAM Finalist

Assi Elhalani -

Hala Elkeysar

Watch Below: Hala Elkeysar – Semi-Final Performance “Layali Elouns” by Asmahan

Note: If your country’s cdde is not listed you can vote via the International Number listed below from any country.

6 8  The Voice - V2.jpg - The Voice - V1.jpg-

The voice - vote #.--

“Live Shows” & Finale Voting Rules

In the “Live Shows” phase, 32 artists (8 in each team) perform in weekly shows, where public voting narrows to a final group of artists and eventually declares a winner.

The coaches have the power to save one artist that had not received the public’s vote that week, these artists would give a last chance performance to win their coach’s save. However, in deciding who moves on to the final phase, the viewers and the coaches have equal say 50/50.

With one team member remaining for each coach, the contestants compete against each other in the finale where the outcome is decided solely by public vote.

One contestant from each team would advance to the top final four. Due to the possibility of having multiple potential winners on the same team, contestants who earn the lowest number of votes are eliminated, thus not guaranteeing a coach a contestant in the (reduced) top final three.

Source: The Voice mbc


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  1. I love her voice I wish she will win

  2. 34

    • 34 Mahmoud tourabi

  3. I wish Nile be winner

  4. 15

  5. Ghazil al amir be dalo amir sawtolo

  6. Ghazi el amir ahla sowt sowto la l baalbaki

  7. Ghazil el amir sowto lal baalbaki la2ino l amir bedalo amir

  8. I wish simorjalal wins #15

  9. i would like to vote for nile from sherins team but since i am at libya i do not have any number to text or sms. please add a number for libya or make it posible to vote through websites by emails or facebook accounts, and thank you. \

    • If your country’s code is not listed you can use the International Number from any country at: 008821622774111

  10. Nile #37 he deserves to be the winner ❤✌

  11. Nile #37

    • i hope that hala be wigner

  12. 37 nile

  13. Nile37

  14. أصوت ل ٣٧ للفنان الرائع نايل

  15. 37 Nile the bet singer

  16. niall

    • i wish NILE be winner ♥

  17. #37 Nile

  18. ناااايل٣٧

  19. #43

  20. 15 Simor Jalal

  21. 24 Satar Saad

  22. 24sattarsaad

  23. tous les algeriens sont avec toi simor notre amor

  24. I want # 15 and 24 to win inshallh one the the itaqi win i hope lets go team iraq #teamiraqi #satar #senora

  25. I hope waham wins please make me and waham’s dreams come true i love you waham#36 please vote for waham

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