VIDEO / Arabs Got Talent 2013: Episode 3 Auditions The YES & The NO / Sept 28

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The third episode of “ Arab Got Talent 2013” auditions show aired on LBCI and MBC, Saturday, September 28, featured variety of talents including singing, dancing, music players, drawing, circus performance and other unusual talents.

CLICK HERE To Watch Full Episode 3

12 talents impressed judges and advanced to the next round while 10 contestants were sent home.


Here’s a look at the talents who advanced to the next round:

“ElArjoul Elthahabia” ( Golden Legs) - Egypt – Circus Performance by Mohammad Sherif and Kamel El Masri

MBC dedicated Saturday’s episode to 13 year -old contestant Mohammad Sherif, who unfortunately passed away shortly after filming the show alongside his 63 year – old grandfather Kamel El Masri, a retired circus performer. Mohammad and his grandfather impressed all four judges and advanced to the second round.

American contestant Jennifer Grout – USA 

Contestant Jennifer Grout who’s originally from the United States of America and has no relation to the Arab World in any way and doesn’t even speak or understand the Arabic Language, wowed all for judges with her rendition of Egyptian singer Oum Kalthoum’s ” Baed Annak” and playing the Arabic musical instrument the Oud.

Tahadi Group – Morocco – Playing Instruments

The group wowed all four judges with their performance and advanced to the second round. Check it out.

Mohammad Elkatib – Syria

Mohammad Al Khatib’s performance puzzled judges who couldn’t tell whether his talent was impersonating celebrities or singing, but he managed to impress judges and win their votes. He advanced to the next round.


Mohammad ElKhatib Syria

Khadija Fharek – Lebanese

Khadija Fharek, who traveled from Cotonou to participate in the show, wouldn’t take no for an answer ignoring all four judges’ BUZZES. The Lebanese contestant who wasn’t able to convince Ali Jaber, insisted on singing three rap songs, which won her the other three judges votes. She advanced to the next round. Check it out.


Khadija Farek Audition - AGT 2013.jpg -

Palestinian Dabkeh group “Al Koufeyyeh” Koufiyeh Group from Palestine – Traditional dance

The group impressed all four judges with their performance and earned four ” Yes”.

Nadhir Amar – Morocco 

Nadhir Amar, who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of five, impressed all four judges with his juggling talent and advanced to the second round.

WATCH Nadhir’s Performance

Nadhir Arabs Got Talent 2013 auditions

 Hajii – Egypt – Rap – hip hop

Contestant Hajji impresed judges with his comical rap performance and advanced to the second round

Mahdi & Soria – Algeria

The married couple impressed judges with their performance and advanced to the next round

Mohammad Balghi – Saudi Arabia – Magic – 4 yes

WATCH Mohammad’s Audition

mohammad Balghi  Audition - AGT 2013

Issa ElNajem – Bahrain

Issa’s Oud performance won him all four judges votes

Issa ElNajem - Bahrain

Peter ElKadi – Lebanon – Carecature – 3 yes

Peter didn’t win Ali Jaber’s vote, but he impressed the other three judges and advanced to the second round.

Peter Elkadi - Lebanon - AGT 2013



Here are the contestants who didn’t make it to the second round

  1. Mohammad Gamal – Egypt – Another Day Is Gone – Michael Jackson
  2. Khaled Abd Elkader – Egypt – Poetry
  3. Ahmad Mahmoud – Egypt – Rap
  4. Abd Alaziz Elmaoudi – Saudi Arabia – Dance
  5. Soufian Mourabet – Tunis
  6. Les Jacinthes Group – Egypt – Dance
  7. Mousaab Balhaj – Egypt – Acrobatic
  8. Hind Nasir Group – Morocco – Dance
  9. Anwar Abd Elsamad – Algeria
  10. Mahmoud Farouk – Egypt – Singing

Arabs Got Talent 2013 Episode 4 Promo, set to air on Saturday , October 5



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