VIDEO / Arabs Got Talent 2013 Premiere: The YES & The NO / Full Episode 1, Sept 14

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Arabs Got Talent 2013 debuted for the third season on MBC4 and LBCI Saturday September 14, featuring contestants of a variety of talents including singers, musicians, dancers, comedians, poets and other performers of all ages. VIEW ALL EPISODE 1 AUDITIONS VIDEOS BELOW 

Click Here To Watch FULL EPISODE 1

AGT judges Ahmad Helmi, Najwa Karam, Naser Al Qassabi and Ali Jaber expressed their high admiration to eleven acts who advanced to the semi-finals and didn’t hesitate to end other acts performances early by pressing the red buzzers. (The act must stop the performance, if all four judges press their buzzers).

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The acts who didn’t advance to the next stage are Lebanese contestants Hadi Fghali, Riad Naji , Siham Moustafa – Egyptian contestants Ahmad Yasser, Ahmad El Jaber , Ahmad Mohammad, Mohammad Attia, Ibrahim Elalwi,  Ayman Abd Elhakim - Moroccan contestants Elffani Mohammad, Youness Sayms and Hassan Halabi from Jordan.  VIDEO BELOW


The acts who advanced to the next stage. VIDEOS BELOW 

  • 12 years -old Assil Hazim – Jordan
  • Duo Miri – Morocco
  • Ibrahim - Morocco & Al – Abqari – Algeria
  • Nael Jamal & His Father Issam Jamal – Lebanon
  • Medhat Mamdouh – Egypt
  • Top Runners Group – Morocco & Algeria
  • Hassan Beghit – Egypt
  • 8 years – old Malak El Tayar – Egypt
  • Young boy Mohammad El Jayoussi - Palestine
  • Backstage group – Kuwait
  • Hind & Sara – Egypt

Assil Hazim – Jordan – Performs “Enta Omri”

The 12-year-old’s rendition of Oum Kolthoum’s ” Enta Omri” wowed judges, lead his father to break down in tears and stole Najwa Karam’s heart, who gave Assil a warm hug and a kiss after his performance. He Received 4 YES


Assil Hazim Audition AGT 2013 Ep 1.jpg -

Judges’ Comments

  • Najwa Karam told Assil “ your voice penetrates the heart, not anyone can make me cry, but you did “. ” I would like Assil to be a role model for his generation, she added.
  • Ali Jaber said ” you have a great voice, that’s a very hard song to sing for a young boy, but you performed it well, congratulations, welcome.”
  • Ahmad Helmi told Hazim ” you’re a true star, I felt as if you were trying to create your own singing style, great performance.”
  • Naser El Qasabi said ” you have high emotions, you will definitely be a big star, we’re proud of you”

Duo Miri’s – Morocco – Performed Hand Dance

Moroccan contestant Mourad Miri and his Ukrainian wife Elicia impressed judges and audience with their romantic hand dance on Adelle’s ” Skyfall” . The dance couple received 4 “YES”.


Duo Miri --

Judges’ Comments:

  •  Najwa Karam said ” high emotions are essential for professional performances, we all figured that you share a love story, you make a beautiful dance couple with high emotions.”
  • Ali Jaber told them ” you’re a professional dance couple ” and wished them a great success.
  • Ahmad Helmi said ” I am happy with your marriage, I believe that your dance wouldn’t have been as good if you were dancing with someone other than your wife, you showed great love and high emotions, I truly enjoyed your dance .”
  • Naser El Qassabi said “great professional performance with high emotions, you were beautiful.”

Ibrahim - Morocco & Al – Abqari – Algeria

Ibrahim , 23 , who had his leg amputated at the age of 10 challenges disability as he takes the stage alongside Al – abqari to prove that there aren’t barriers for people with disabilities. The dance couple won a standing ovation from judges and audience. They received 4 YES.

Judges’ Comments

  • Ahmad Helmi told Ibrahim ” I didn’t feel that you have a disability while dancing, we are truly proud of you.”
  • Najwa Karam said ” no life without perseverance and hope, your perseverance proved that nothing is impossible in life, you’re a role model for people with disabilities.”
  • Ali Jaber agreed with Ahmad and added ” I normally don’t believe in disabilities, you have used your situation to create an art, I believe you still have more to offer.” ” You ought to improve your choreography, ” he added.
  • Nasser El Qasabi said ” great performance, you deserve our votes

Nael Jamal & His Father Issam Jamal – Hand Balance & Oud – Lebanon

Nael Born in France for a Lebanese Father and a French mother, impressed judges with a hand balance performance while his father played the oud, one of the most popular instruments in Arabic music. Nael’s father Issam Jamal said ” I’m a cobbler, but because I play the oud, I teamed up with my son as a show of support.” They received 4 YES.

Judges’ Comments

  • Najwa Karam said entering the oud into Nael’s performance showed the pride he has for his heritage ” I loved the mix of high emotions with the balancing and the oud,” she added.
  • Ahmad Helmi said ” amazing performance, very touching.”
  • Ali Jaber said ” amazing performance, it’s beautiful how you entered the oud into a western art.” ” this is an international act,” he added.
  • Naser El Qassabi added ” great performance.” ” 4 yeses, you deserve it, amazing, bravo,” he added.

Medhat Mamdouh – Egypt – Recorder Beatbox

Medhat who impressed all four judges with his music, received 4 YES and advanced to the next round.


AGT 2013 - Medhat Mamdouh Audition

Top Runners Group – Morocco & Algeria – performed Acrobatic Dance

Nabil, Majdi, Ayoub and Jamal advanced to the semi-finals after receiving 3 ” YES ” from Najwa Karam, Naser Al Qassabi and Ahmad Helmi.

Hassan Beghit – Egypt – Performed comedy sketch with bells

Beghit’s performance impressed the judges who each liked a specific part in his sketch, however  Naser El-Qassabi didn’t think he presented enough to continue in the show. Beghit won Ahmad Helmi, Najwa Karam and Ali Jaber votes. He received 3 “Yes” and advanced to the next round.

Malek El Tayar – Egypt - Performed  Fairouz’ ” Bektoub Esmak ”

When Ali Jaber hesitated with his decision Ahmad Helmi joked ” what you don’t have kids of your own ? Malak advanced to the next round after receiving 4 yeses from judges.


AGT 2013 - Malak Eltayer

Mohammad El Jayoussi - Palestine – Mental Calculation

Mohammad who has the ability to compute numbers without a calculator, impressed judges as he gave the correct answer to series of numbers he was given to compute by AGT judge Ali Jaber who was simultaneously entering the numbers into his calculator. He received 4 “YES “.

Backstage Group – Kuwait – Hip Hop with Comedy Sketch

The group impressed all four judges with their performance and advanced to the next round.

Judges’ Comments

  • Najwa Karam said ” you brought me joy, you made my day, cute performance .”
  • Ali Jaber added ” beautiful performance, we truly enjoyed it.” ” you have trained well,” he added.
  • Nasser El Qassabi said ” you’re a beautiful group.” ” the idea, your presence on stage and your performance, all amazing,” he added.
  • Ahmad Helmi was curious of how one of the performers was able to keep his eye glasses on throughout the performance and took the stage to try it out.

Hind and Sarah – Egypt

The sisters who performed Egyptian folk song didn’t win Ali Jaber’s vote, but advanced to the next round after receiving 3 yeses from AGT judges Najwa Karam, Naser El Qasabi and Ahmad Helmi.


Hind and Sara AGT 2013 Ep 1



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