Video/ Star Academy 2013 Prime 10: Results, Reactions & Performances + Full Prime

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The tenth prime of Star Academy Arabia 2013 aired on CBC and LBCI on Thursday, November 28th, featured guest stars Lebanese singer Marwan Khoury, Amina, Sara Farah and the eight remaining candidates duet and solo performances.WATCH FULL PRIME ABOVE, Related Videos, Interviews and All Performances Below


Lebanese candidate Zaki Shreif was voted off Star Academy by public votes, while Egyptian candidate Rana Samaha was saved by public votes after receiving 54.54% of the votes.VIDEO BELOW

Star Academy 2013 Prime 10 Voting Results --

Zaki Sherif’s Farewell Message

Candidates Reaction After Zaki’s Elimination

Top 3 

  1. Zeinab Ousama ranked first. She won a trip to Moscow, Russia and received a gold medal
  2. Mahmoud Mohey took second place and received a silver medal
  3. Abdallah Abd Alaziz, who took first place in prime 9, ranked third and received a bronze medal.

Nour Farawati Supporting Candidates In The Audience

Nour Farawati Star Academy prime 10 Audience

Guest Stars Performances – VIDEOS BELOW

Marwan Khoury Star Academy Sara Star Academy Amina Star Academy 2013

Marwan Khoury performed ” Mesh Aam Betrouhi Min Bali” on his own, ” El Aad El Aksi” alongside Jean Chahid, “Ehssas Jdid” alongside Abdallah Abd Alaziz
Sara Farah performed ” La Tesaal Habibi ” alongside Rana Samaha
Amina performed ” Beshwesh Alaya ” alongside Zeinab Ousama and ” Baladna ” alongside Zaki Shreif

Marwan Khoury’s interview In The Academy

Amina’s Interview In The Academy

Sara Farah Interview In The Academy

The Remaining 7 Candidates In The Academy 

Prime 10 Candidates & Guest Stars Performances

Egyptian Singer Farid Elatrash Medley by Masaab Elkhatib, Mahmoud Mohey, Abdallah Abd Elaziz and Zaki Shreif

Zeinab Ousama ” Ahwak Bela Amali ”

Masaab Al Khatib & Mahmoud Mohey ” Elouyoun Elsoud ”

Soukeina Boukries ” Impossible ”

Rana Samaha ” Aweidak ”

Zaki Shreif ” Eshtaana Ktir Ya Habayeb ”

Rana Samaha, Abdallah Abd Elaziz & Masaab Al Khatib ” Ali Ya Ali ” – Ali Baba Performance

Marwan Khoury & Abdallah Abd Alaziz ” Albak Ala Albi ”

Marwan Khoury ” Mesh Aam Betrouhi Men Bali ”

Marwan Khoury & Jean Chahid ” Elaad Elaksi ”

Sara Farah & Rana Samaha ” La Tesaal Habibi ”

Amina & Zeinab Ousama ” Beshwesh Alaya ”

Amina & Zaki Shreif ” Baladna ”


Candidates Goals In The Academy

Candidates Reveal Own Secrets


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