Video / Star Academy 2013 Prime 13 Results, Reactions & Performances / Full Ep

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Star Academy Arabia 2013 Prime 13 featured solo and duo performances of guest stars Lebanese singer Maya Diab, Algerian singer Faudel and the remaining six candidates Rana Samaha, Abdallah Abd Alaziz, Mahmoud Mohey, Soukeina Boukries, Zeinab Ousama and Jean Chahid, aired on Thursday, December 19th. FULL PRIME ABOVE 

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Voting Results

Saudi candidate Abdallah Abd Alaziz was voted off Star Academy after receiving 46.97% of the public votes, while Egyptian candidate Rana Samaha returned to the academy after receiving 53.03% of the votes. Watch Abdallah’s elimination moment, farewell message and fellow candidates reactions Below 

Star Academy Rana & Abdallah -

WATCH Below Abdallah’s Elimination Moment

Abdallah Abd Alaziz Farewell Message

Candidates’ Reactions After Abdallah’s Elimination

Maya Diab performed three own hit songs including her new single “Aywa ” on her own , ” Dabu Eineik ” alongside Jean Chahid and ” Shaklak Ma Btaeref” alongside Rana Samaha. Maya told candidates “to relax and not work very hard and to just wait to see what faith holds for them in the upcoming primes.”

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Maya Diab - Star Academy

Maya Diab - Jean Chahid

Maya Diab & Rana

Algerian singer Faudel performed three hit songs including ” Je Veux Vivre ” on his own, ” Abd Alkader ” and ” Tellement Je T’aime ” alongside Moroccan candidates Soukeina Boukries and Zeinab Ousama.

Faudel saluted audience and judges in Lebanese accent ” Kifkon Eshtaetelkoun” ( How are you, I missed you) and assured candidates that ” self confidence, presenting hit songs and good management are essential for success.”

Faudel ..

faudel -

Faudel - Zeinab - Soukeina --

Abdallah Abd Alaziz Performed ” Lion King ” and ” Dag Hewa “ 

Abdallah - Star Academy

Soukeina Boukries Performed ” Something Gotta Hold Of Me ”

Soukeina Prime 13

Zeinab Ousama Performed Oum Koulthoum’s ” Hobi Eh ”


Rana Samaha Performed ” Alamal ” and Fairuz’ ” Eh Fe Amal ”

Rana Samaha

Rana Samaha --

Mahmoud Mohey & Zeinab Ousama Performed ” Taali Aoulek ” by Egyptian singers Abd Alhalim Hafez & Shadia

Mahmoud and Zeinab

Jean Chahid and Mahmoud Mohey Performed Amr Diab Medley including  Malou ” , Habibi Wala Ala Balou ” and ” Banadik Taala ”

Jean and Mahmoud




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