“X Factor Arabia” 2013: Top 13 Finalists Revealed, March 15 / Videos

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” X Factor Arabia ” 2013 top 13 finalists were revealed at the judges’ houses phase on March 15,2013. Three performers from each of four groups – guys 16 – 25, girls 16 – 25, over 25s, and groups, were chosen by judges/mentors Carol Smaha, Hussein Al Jassmi , Elissa and Wael Kfoury in Friday’s episode. The judges had said that they would chose the strongest acts who will help them win the competition.

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Each judge chose three out of the six remaining contestants except for Wael Kfoury who ended up with four on his team. View videos below as the four judges announce their final decisions to the contestants and why Carole Smaha and Elissa broke down in tears as they made their announcements.

Wael Kfoury’s Team ( Guys 16 – 25)

After he picked the three finalists, Kfoury decided to give Lebanese contestant Houssam Tarshishi who broke down in tears a second chance. He consulted the other three judges who all supported his decision than delivered the news to Tarshishi (video below). The four contestants who will continue with Wael’s team to the live shows are:

  • Adham Naboulsi, 19, Palestinian From Jordan
  • Mountaser Elfarissi , 21 , Saltanat uman
  • Ali Hamed Elmihyawi, 21, Saudi Arabia
  • Houssam Tarshishi, 20 , Lebanon

View videos below as Kfoury announces the results to the six contestants.

Houssam Tarshishi, Zein Elabdin and Mountaser Elfarissi – RESULTS

Adham Naboulsi – RESULT

Ali Hamed Elmihyawi, Saudi Arabia and Islam Rifaat, Egypt – RESULTS

Elissa’s Team ( Girls 16 – 25)

Elissa three finalists who will continue with her team to the live shows are:

  • Salwa Anlouf, 16, Morocco
  • Mariam Eltourki,18 ,Tunis
  • Iman kerkebou, 24, Morocco.

View videos below as Elissa announces the results to the six contestants

Salwa Anlouf – RESULT

Iman kerkebou and Habiba Bouzirri – RESULTS

Karam Ghandour and Mariam Eltourki – RESULTS

Marita Abi Nader, LEBANON – RESULT

Carole Smaha’s Team ( Groups)

Carole Smaha announces the three groups that will be on her team at the live shows

  • Les Bledard Ninja , Tunis
  • Young Pharoz, Egypt
  • Maraya – Egypt 

View videos below as Carole announces the results to the six contestants.

Les Bledard Ninja , Tunis and  Young Pharoz, Egypt –  RESULTS

The Group Harmony – RESULT

The Groups Arab MC’s and Maraya – RESULTS

The Group Shadow World – RESULT

Hussein Al Jasmi’s Team ( Over 25s)

Hussein Al Jasmi revealed the three finalists who will be on  his team at the live shows:

  • Marwa Ahmad, 26 , Egypt
  • Mohammad Elrifi, 27 , Morocco
  • Ibrahim Abd Al-Adheem, 27, Libya.

View videos below as Al Jasmi announces the results to the six contestants

Mohammad Elrifi and Mohammad Jaafil –  RESULTS

Marwa Ahmad and Susan Abou Elhousn – RESULTS

Nour Trabishi and Ibrahim Abd Al-Adheem – RESULTS



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