X Factor Arabia 2013 Results: Les Bledards Ninja Voted Off April 5 / Videos + Full Episode 14

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In Friday’s results show of  ’X Factor” Arabia 2013 (April 5), Carol Smaha’s Les Bledards Ninga from Tunis were announced in the bottom two, alongside Wael kfoury’s Elmountaser Belllah Elfarisi from Sultanat Oman, having received the lowest amount of viewers votes.

X Factor Arabia 2013 Results Show April 5

Elfarisi and Les Bledards were given a chance to sing for survival.When it came time for the judges to pick which contestants they were going to send home. Wael Kfoury backed his own act Elmountaser Belllah Elfarisi and sent Les Bledards home. Carole Smaha also backed her own group Les Bledards and sent Elmountaser Belllah Elfarisi home. Elissa and Hassan ElJassmi sent Les Bledards home.  Les Bledards Ninga were voted off on April 5, 2013 .(VIDEOS BELOW).

The top 11 performed “3ala Hadir Elbousta” by Feiruz (Video below). Guest star Angham performed “Ana Nefsy Aheb” and ” Mahzouma”. Singer kazem Al Saher is set to perform in next week’s results show April 12,2013.


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Voting Results

Final Elimination Results (Les Bledards Ninja Elimination Moment)

 Elmountaser Belllah Elfarisi sings “Ghani” by Nabil Shuail for survival

Les Bledards Ninga perform “Abd Elkhader” by Shab Khaled for survival

Here are the Top 10 who survived this week’s elimination 

Adham Naboulsi, Jordan # 1                   Mohammad Rifi , Morocco # 7
Salwa Anlouf,  Morocco # 2                    Maraya Group, Egypt # 8,
Marwa Ahmad, Egypt  # 3                      Iman Karkebou, Morocco # 9
Houssam Tarshishi , Lebanon # 5           Young Pharoz group, Egypt # 12
Ibrahim Abdelazim, Libya # 11              Elmountaser Belllah Elfarisi, Sultanat Oman # 13

The top 11 performed “3a hadir Elbousta” by Feiruz.


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